January 31, 2023


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We learned about the government's plan to save the Poles.  The Prime Minister will announce it soon [TYLKO U NAS]

We learned about the government’s plan to save the Poles. The Prime Minister will announce it soon [TYLKO U NAS]

At the end of April, the Ministry of Finance announced that it was raising the interest rate on the offer of retail bonds, but the new proposal is to get better terms.

The government is already saying that officially Banks should significantly increase interest rates on deposits and deposits. Representatives of the ruling camp noted that if the banking sector is not inclined to such a step, legal solutions may appear. But the prime minister recently indicated that he tends to impress and persuade the bankers.

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In recent days, a number of banks have announced an increase in interest rates. If an attractive offer of retail bonds appears, then government representatives are counting on better conditions offered by financial institutions.

If the Poles are satisfied with saving in retail bonds, the government will kill two or maybe even three birds with one stone. First, it will force banks to respond. Secondly, it will have the opportunity to withdraw money from the market, which will be anti-inflationary. Finally, he can fund his borrowing needs in this way. In recent years, families have invested large amounts of money in Treasuries. This is an amount of approximately 59 billion PLN, and it has increased significantly in recent years. Five years ago, just over 13 billion PLN were invested in treasury bonds for individual investors.

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