Will Beata Fido not appear in the TVP series anymore?  All because of a famous scandal

Echoes of the famous scandal, revealed thanks to the recent audit carried out in Woronicza, could not remain silent on Polish television. The result of the inspection revealed this Blessed FidoWhich is known to a wide audience from many famous TVP series, She also worked at TVP World.

The contract concluded in 2023 gave the actress a position “Senior Managing Editor” And provide full-time duties, ie 40 hours per week.

The problem is that the star “Commissioner Alex”, “Colors of happiness” I “Forster Cottages” Over the course of several years, I only worked on a gross… 34 hours.

The station management decided to inform the competent authorities.

“The notification relates to the fictitious long-term employment of the employee Beata Fido, who did not actually perform the work assigned to her under the employment contractwhich, taking into account the remuneration paid to it for the years 2016-2023, caused damage (…) to TVP in the amount of more than PLN 1.5 million.” – It was officially announced by TVP representatives.

However, these are not the only problems with Beata Fido. After the actress lost her role in the film “Leśniczówka” which was canceled by Polish television, it turns out Most likely, the artist will not appear in other series.

“She will not be on the show from Episode 9 of Season 21. Beata Fido is no longer part of the cast of “Commissioner Alex” – said the press office of Popular Production in an interview with Plotek.

As if that wasn’t enough, she was an employee at TVP World She may also disappear from later episodes of “Colors of Happiness”. However, viewers won’t find out about this until a few months later, when the next season of the series airs.

“The thread exhausted its formula some time ago. The heroine, played by Beata Fido, has exited the series’ ownership, which viewers will see in the first episodes after the holiday. – Karolina Baranowska from the press office of “Colors of Happiness” told the site’s journalists.

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