They find Nicolas Poli’s body.  The 45-year-old disappeared three weeks ago

British police found the body of 45-year-old Nicola Polley. Three weeks ago, a woman went missing while walking her dog by a river. The search for a mother of two children was followed by the whole of Great Britain.

Lancashire Police confirmed on Monday that the body recovered the day before from the River Weary was that of 45-year-old Nicola Pooley. – The family is informed of the case, which is evidently devastated Deputy Commander-in-Chief Peter Lawson said at a news conference.

Our thoughts are with Nicola’s loved ones at this difficult time for them“And with all her friends,” added the policeman.

United Kingdom: Nicolas Poli disappears. The body was recovered from the river

St Michael’s, Wire resident Nicola Polley disappeared on January 27. The woman went for a walk with her dog by the river. She had previously left her two children at school.

The woman who works as a mortgage advisor has never returned from her career. The 45-year-old’s phone was only found on a park bench. After some time, a lonely dog ​​was also discovered.

See: Great Britain. Lancashire Police found a body in the river. They suspect that it is Nicolas Polly

After three weeks of searching, the police finally found the woman. Police recovered a body from the Werry River on Sunday. The official identification of the body showed that she was a missing 45-year-old.

She disappeared while walking the dog. All of Great Britain was alive

The disappearance of a 45-year-old British woman has caused a sensation in the UK. Although the police maintained from the outset that there were no third parties involved in the case and that it was an unfortunate accident, Netizens began to participate in the search.

appeared in the public space Unsubstantiated claims that Nicola Poli was murdered. The 45-year-old was accused of killing Mr. woman’s husband. In response, the police revealed that Nicolas Poli She suffered from alcohol and menopausal problems.

Officials said Monday that The “social media frenzy” made the investigation difficult. “In my 29 years as a police officer, I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Rebecca Smith, the superintendent of Lancashire Police.

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