January 28, 2023


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Facebook changes its name to Meta, GTA heads to VR Goggles, some finds from Connect 2021

Facebook changes its name to Meta, GTA heads to VR Goggles, some finds from Connect 2021For some time now, news has surfaced on the web about Mark Zuckerberg’s next plans to build so-called metaverses. Today, at the annual Connect conference, Facebook’s CEO shared his insight on the matter. One step in developing the metaverse is to rename Facebook to Meta. Zuckerberg explains, “Right now, our brand is so closely tied to one product that it can’t represent everything we do, let alone the future. I hope we’ll be seen as a metaverse over time and I want to base our business and identity on what we aspire to.”

Changing Facebook’s name to Meta is to make it easier for Mark Zuckerberg to expand the platform in the direction of VR. In fact, Meta means “above” https://news.google.com/ “behind” and Verse alludes to the Universe.

Facebook changes its name to Meta, GTA heads to VR Goggles, some finds from Connect 2021 [1]

Facebook is looking for 10 thousand. workers in the European Union. The so-called Poles are also to develop metaverses

So what is this metaverse that Zuckerberg seeks to build? Simply put, it will be a 3D virtual social space where we will be able to share experiences with other people, even if we can’t be face to face together. Among these experiences, there will be shared entertainment (playing games, watching movies) or work, that is, the things we do together today in the physical real world. Of course, you will need devices such as augmented glasses or virtual reality, such as the Facebook Oculus Quest 2. In other words – the goal of the metaverse is to provide people with the most realistic social stimuli, and who knows – perhaps complete the transfer of life to virtual reality .. Questions “Why?” Let’s leave it for another day, and if you want to know more about Zuckerberg’s vision on the metaverse, check out this video:

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Oculus Quest Pro? Interesting educational videos leaked to the network. It may contain new VR glasses

However, this is not the end of the revelation. You may also be interested in another update from today’s Facebook conference. As you probably know, the most popular VR glasses – the already mentioned Oculus Quest 2 – belong to Facebook and thanks to them are being developed dynamically at the beginning of the metaverse. However, to encourage as many people as possible into virtual reality, you will need a lot of interesting virtual reality apps and games. Of course, Facebook expected this too, so in the near future GTA San Andreas VR will appear on Oculus Quest 2 glasses! During the event, an Oculus representative admitted that the project has been in development for several years. However, we will have to wait for the details.

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