The Polish captain made a fatal mistake and the bridge collapsed.  “The cars fell into the abyss” [Historia]

  • Lake Illawarra was launched in 1957 and remained afloat for almost two decades before sinking into the Derwent River (southern Tasmania).
  • The tragedy caused the deaths of 12 people, including seven crew members and five people from cars driving on the bridge when it collapsed.
  • The investigation showed that the ship's captain, Bolesław Belek, was responsible for the accident
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On the cold and rainy evening of January 5, 1975, the bulk carrier Lake Illawarra, loaded with $2 million worth of zinc ore, was sailing down the Derwent River and was about to pass under the Tasman Bridge, which connects the two halves of Hobart. . This was one of many voyages the ship has made in the nearly 20 years since its launch in 1957.

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