Looking for cheap stealth flights?  This is illogical

There are many ways to search for cheap flights online – just like the travel influencers who, after a Ryanair flight to London, decided that this was their calling. Of course, everyone has their own unique way of traveling cheaply, but it usually comes down to the same thing, i.e. searching for flights in incognito mode in the browser.

The idea is simple. In incognito mode, the browser does not save our cookies, and airline operators or flight comparison sites will not be able to track our activity. In this way, we not only have to not influence ticket prices (which will rise due to increased interest), but also find “hidden”, secret and economical offers. But it's just a big lie.

Because it's not like someone is sitting behind a desk with a Lufthansa logo and checking which website has the largest number of Internet users waiting to fly to Dortmund.

It turns out that belief in the use of cookies is on the rise Airline ticket prices was wrong. There is concrete evidence of this, presented by a group of economists from several American universities. According to Gizmodo, scientists from Berkeley, Yale, and the University of Chicago decided to investigate how the pricing algorithm works at an American airline (name not mentioned).

The study clearly showed that our search for offers of carriers does not affect the final ticket price. Public interest in aviation has an impact, but it operates on a slightly different principle than we think. Airlines often set several price thresholds for a particular flight. if Cheapest plane tickets are purchased, the rest will actually be more expensive. However, let us not confuse effect with cause. In this case, the higher prices are due to buying cheaper tickets, not to more visits to the ticket site.

It may happen, of course, that we buy tickets and after the transaction the price of the flight itself increases. This will likely be a result of us getting an experience at a lower price.

A similar result was found in an experiment conducted by Consumer Reports in 2016. More than 370 flight searches were performed, both in the browser and in incognito mode. The result left no doubt. Incognito mode generated a lower price in 7% of cases and a higher price in 5%. In the end, in 88% of cases the prices were not different at all.

There are no cheap flights in incognito mode. How do you search for them?

Where to look for cheap flights? There are many online search engines and aggregators that collect the most interesting offers. Basically, we don't have to browse individual carrier websites ourselves. Simply take advantage of the offers presented on the individual pages. There we often find not only travel packages, but also information about pricing errors and more.

a sample Sites to find cheap flights:

  • kiwi
  • Kayak
  • Sky Scanner
  • jakdolece.pl
  • fru.pl

Interestingly, sometimes it is worth checking whether the cheapest offer is actually the most profitable. It is possible that the ticket offered by the intermediary will be more expensive than the same flight purchased on the airline's website. It is worth checking if you can buy the ticket directly on the website or in the app. There we can also find periodic promotions, discount codes and special offers. finally Cheap flights This is often the result of luck, a correctly chosen date and flexibility in choosing dates or place of departure.

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