The Poles passed a very important exam.  It was a match for everything

The last meeting of the Poles at the European Under-20 Basketball Championship decided what our team among the best would face next year. Jacek Winnicki’s followers took the pressure off.

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Coach Jacek Winicki and Poland U-20 representatives

Press materials / PZKosz / In the photo: coach Jacek Winicki and representatives of Poland U-20.

You can breathe! The Poles made a minimum plan, that is, they held their place in the first division of the European Under-20 Championship for basketball players, and everything was decided by a 67:57 victory in the last match with Portugal.

The start was even, but in the second quarter (24:22) the Poles scored a 12:0 streak. When Jacek Winnicki’s players had a 21-point advantage (49:28), it all seemed to be over. It was a mistake.

Competitors chose an aggressive defense, made some mistakes, hit from a distance and returned to the match – in the middle of the decisive part they lost only 55:59.

Watch the video: #dziejesiewsport: This is how Poland’s representatives had fun
However, the Whites and the Reds withstood the pressure, scoring several important points, while the Portuguese did not take advantage of their attempts. We were able to jump back and, relatively calmly, score a priceless victory at the last siren.

Our best player was Kacper Kłaczek, with 19 points (7/10 per game) and eight rebounds. Not only was he efficient and fought well on the board, but he also helped deliver the ball in the Portuguese’s aggressive defence.

Igor Milic added 15 “points”, Alexander Wiśniewski added 9 points, seven rebounds and seven assists. The Poles were finally ranked 13th and held their place in Division A.

The Spaniards were crowned European champions, not experiencing the bitterness of defeat throughout the tournament in Podgorica. In the grand finale, they defeated the Lithuanians 69:61, with whom they also faced in group (75:65). Later – in the knockout stage – they also defeated, among others, White and Red (83:60).

Montenegro players won the bronze medal after the 86:77 victory over Israel. It should be noted that the hosts started the tournament with a defeat of 62:83 with … the Poles.

Portugal – Poland 57:67 (14:16, 8:20, 27:19, 8:12)

Points for Poland:
Kacper Kłaczek 19, Igor Milicić 15, Filip Siewruk 13, Aleksander Wiśniewski 9, Wojciech Tomaszewski 5, Jakub Coulibaly 2, Nikodem Czoska 2, Kacper Gordon 2, Kacper Marchewka 0.

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