The pole overshadowed Leo Messi!  Watch the results of the FIFA The Best Gala
  • The FIFA The Best Gala had Polish fans excited from the start, mainly due to the presence of Oleksy, who was finally awarded the Best Goal of 2022 award.
  • There were no surprises in the other categories. Lionel Messi was voted Player of the Year last year. Last year, Robert Lewandowski triumphed in this category
  • During the ceremony, Pele was honored. One of the best soccer players in history passed away at the end of 2022.
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The FIFA The Best ceremony began with the memory of the legend who passed away on December 29, 2022. He bid farewell to fellow countryman Ronaldo Pele. “We will remember him for the impact he left on society and the reality around us,” he said.

Moments later, the organizers began handing out the first prizes. Marie Erbes was the best goalkeeper, while the best goalkeeper award went to Emiliano Martinez. Winning the World Cup in Qatar with Argentina turned out to be decisive.

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