The former Lecia striker's goal eliminates the favorite from the Champions League

These were the last three unknown teams to play in the Champions League. The rivalry was even, and after the first matches it was difficult to decide the favorite. Bodo/ Glimt wins at home with dynamo Zagreb 1-0 only. FC Copenhagen Without an injured Polish goalkeeper, he defeated Camille Grabara Trabzonspor 2: 1. Notice In Scotland, they tied with her Eindhoven Eindhoven 2:2. These results showed that rematch should not run out of emotions.

In theory, the players of the Norwegian team should be the most determined. Bodo / Glimt has not yet played in the Champions League. They showed their good squad last season, when they reached the quarter-finals of the European Conference League. His rival Dinamo has already played in the Champions League seven times.

Of these six teams, PSV Eindhoven (16 times) and Rangers (10) have played the most in elite competitions. FC Copenhavn has reached the group stage three times and Trabzonspor only once, fortunately replacing Fenerbahçe who was suspended by the Turkish Football Association.

From the Polish point of view, the meeting in Eindhoven was the most interesting. They were led by Polish judges headed by Simon Marciniak. In the visiting team, Antonio Colak played in the attack, which successfully played in Lecce Gdask in the 2014/2015 season (30 matches – 10 goals). From Ekstraklasa he went to the second German Bundesliga – to FC Kaiserslautern. He then played for five other clubs before joining Rangers in the summer. He has already scored four goals in seven matches.

The coaches, who together played in the Dutch national team in 48 matches, also stood out for each other. Giovanni Fan Bronckhurst Rangers leads while Ruud van Nistelrooy leads PSV. Only six festive events against each other. Four times Van Bronckhorst was on top. transportation car Nestlroy He won with him only once.

The hosts often played the ball, but could not threaten the opponent’s goal for a long time. However, the guests quickly countered and fired a few shots, but Walter Benitez defend. After John Lundstram was injured, the ball missed the post by a centimeter. In the 38th minute, PSV Eindhoven finally had a chance, but Luc de Jong was fractions of a second too slow to hit the net. After a while he reached the ball, but shot straight at John McLaughlin. He had a third chance Cody JackboBut she kicked over both the goalkeeper and the goal.

Soon after switching sides, Eindhoven were victorious, but the Scots created a better opportunity. Tom Lawrence outperformed several players and fired from outside the penalty area, but the ball bounced off the crossbar. In the 60th minute it will be difficult not to take advantage of this opportunity. Andre Ramalho lost the ball after a misplaced Benitez pass, and Mike Tillman ran back on Kulak to give Rangers the lead.

PSV wanted to make up for losses quickly, but Van Nistelrooy’s players had problems creating a favorable situation. And when she succeeded, Jabo’s shot was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Dynamo recovered from the first leg very quickly. Already in the fourth minute, Mislav Orsic He decided to take an individual action, fell into the penalty area and scored 1-0. The hosts followed the blow and even before the break, he raised it with a beautiful kick Bruno Petkovic Starch.

In the second half, the Norwegians did not give up their fight for the Champions League. And in the 70th minute they achieved their goal – the goal was scored by Albert Grunbeck. This result means extra work. In extra time, not much happened until the 117th minute. Then Dynamo fired a rebound but Maher Emreli lost a duel with the goalkeeper. However, the ball hit the foot of Josip Drmic, who scored 3-1 and secured the hosts promotion. Petar Bocage was dotted.

In the third match, no goals were scored until the end of the first half. FC Copenhagen defended almost the entire match. Trabzonspor players fired 18 shots but none of them hit the net and the Danish champions will play in the Champions League.

England: Chelsea London, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur

Spain: Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Seville

Germany: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Eintracht Frankfurt, Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen

Italia: Inter Milan, Juventus Turin, AC Milan, SSC Napoli

Portugal: Benfica Lisbon, Porto, Sporting Lisbon

France: Olympique Marseille, Paris Saint-Germain

Scotland: Celtic Glasgow, Rangers

Austria: FC Salzburg

Belgium: FC Brugge

Croatia: Dinamo Zagreb

Czech Republic: Victoria Bellezno

Denmark: FC Copenhagen

Israel: Maccabi Haifa

Holland: Ajax Amsterdam

Ukraine: Shakhtar Donetsk

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