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For a long time, doing less has been strongly promoted in the media and on the Internet 9-10 thousand steps per day. The exact origin of this belief is unknown, but some researchers suggest a connection to a marketing campaign for pedometers in Japan that spread around the world. Scientists have long pointed out that the advice is not based on scientific facts, but thanks to a team led by Matthew Ahmadi from the University of Sydney, the situation has changed.

As part of the study, the team analyzed data collected from 72 thousand people, which had an average age of 61 years. Each participant wore a movement-tracking accelerometer on their wrist for a week, which was used to determine the average number of steps taken daily. Over the next seven years, the lives of the participants were monitored. Of these, 1,633 people died, and 6,190 people had some heart disease-related event. Taking into account other factors that affect the risk of illness or death, scientists calculated this The optimal number of steps per day is 9 to 10 thousand.

People who followed this lifestyle had Up to 39 percent reduced risk of death While observing I 21 percent reduced risk of heart disease. As Dale Esliger of Loughborough University points out:

He adds:

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