March 26, 2023


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The number of new infections has decreased for five weeks

The number of new infections has decreased for five weeks

Gymbei Medical Corporation, which monitors the epidemic in the country, reported the downward trend in its latest report on Thursday. There have also been fewer hospitalizations and deaths due to Covid-19.

big drop

A report last week said the number of new coronavirus infections detected had fallen from more than 23,000 to 21,000, or 9 percent from the previous seven days.

But most of all, it was noted, the number of deaths fell by more than 19 percent. In the past week, 311 people have died; Previously – 386.

There are fewer and fewer Covid-19 patients in hospitals. The number of beds occupied in intensive care decreased by nearly 6 percent.

None of the Italian regions has exceeded the 10 per cent area limit for occupied virus infection for resuscitation.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health announced 39 deaths due to Covid-19 and more than 3,200 new infections.

Corona virus in Poland

Research confirmed 2007 novel coronavirus infection, 29 people died of COVID-19 – The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday.

A week ago, on September 30, the ministry reported 1,208 new infections, and two weeks ago, on September 23, about 974 new infections. A month ago, on September 7, the Ministry of Health reported 406 new coronavirus infections.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health reported that 2,103 people infected with COVID-19 are in hospitals, including 207 patients on ventilators. A year ago, on October 7, 4,000 people were hospitalized. people, 283 of them required treatment with a ventilator.

The ministry said that 7,128 beds and 745 respirators have been prepared for COVID-19 patients.

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The ministry also said 95,647 people are in quarantine. The ministry also said that 2,665,829 injured people have recovered so far.

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