Leonid's night.  Last chance to enjoy the stars this year?

The Legendaries are the fastest known meteor showers. Its speed in the Earth’s atmosphere reaches 72 km / s. Their swarm is active from November 10 to 23, and lands maximum on the night of November 17 to 18 each year. Lydia, colloquially, are pieces of cosmic matter separated from a comet. Grains of sand and gravel that burn when they fall into the Earth’s atmosphere. In this way they create a delightful phenomenon.

Leonids took its name from the constellation Leo, where the glowing swarm is located, the place from which meteors seem to fly. Most of these crumbs can be observed on max day.

The maximum activity of Leonids this year can be observed on the night of November 17-18. However, for fans of breathtaking phenomena, nothing is lost! These unique stellar performances can be enjoyed in the sky this year until November 23.

The observation is best done away from the artificial city light. It is also worth looking at the phone while admiring this phenomenon – then our eyes will notice more light coming from the Leonid swarm.

In December we will see more swarms of Geminid and Ursid in the sky. It will be another and last chance this year to enjoy amazing phenomena in the sky.

Are you a fan of sky watch?

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