The new victim is Denise Trolatt

Denise Trolet invited to do On my way, Were forced to sing ridiculous and crazy songs composed by Roxanne Bruno. One of the good numbers of the second gala comedyha, delivered on Friday evening, at Trey Capitol.

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“I know what it is,” said the singer, as Trolet Barb, Sebastian Dupe, began to fool her when he got on the boards.

He began his in voyage with his guitarist, Matthew Presset, and it was time to hear Vincent Leonard sing “his” words on stage. It can be said that she was more or less interested.

“Sing my words,” he shouted before she could parade across the screen the nonsense written by Denise Troletz. Suddenly, the bearded Denise came up with a little drummer and colorful dancer Just To Be My Love.

“Out of the idiots. A woman is tired,” she said, before they clean the floor, and she ends her victory with the right words and under the shower of victory.

A good second number

Denise Troletz introduced them to the gala with ridiculous humor and talk about the epidemic.

Thatros twins, they don’t. It’s a collective illusion, ”said Vincent” Teeth “Leonard.

“We have to keep the masks on,” he said.

“It will cover your big disgusting teeth,” the bearded man said.

Denise trolls are so funny, ridiculous and timid, as we like, in their second number in the evening.

Sylvie Turini picked up the arrival of Marco Matteo after a good trip with the pearls found on the “spot” pages on Facebook. Marked her number on the princes of Disney princess stories.

He paid for Cinderella’s “sexy” head and couldn’t find his princess after dancing with him all evening.

“I could not protect my girlfriend if she was attacked by a dragon. A dragon is 20 feet long, it flies and spits fire. I’m dead in three seconds,” he said.

Two policemen

The princess finished her number by imagining this way in real life, claiming that it was sung all the time in movies. It was the first appearance in the gala for Marco Matteo and it was very successful.

Jean-Michael Martel turned into a detective with a fun course and illustrated graphic graphics.

Michael Charett and Gilder Roy, Gala’s star guests, crossed hip-hop and across the country during a concert between two police officers from District 31. This is great for the gala they will be hosting tonight.

The evening ended with the successful endorsement of comedy legends with Claude Crest, the inventor of D-Gus and D-Muse (Rummy-Pierre Packin and Anne-Elizabeth Bass), La Boun (Jean-Thomas Jobin), and Captain Bonhome (Julian). Bernadette), Claude Blanchard (Elliott Leonard) and the real Franசois Leville, on the edge, as Sebastian Dupe said, a legend. They captured Si in the Santoite group by Jean Lapointe, which ended a comedy evening.

Tonight, Michael Chart and Gilder Roy will be heading to the third Comedyha Gala! Fest-Quebec at Dietre Capital.

On Saturday evening, Michael Chart and Gilder Roy will lead the third Comedyha Gala! Fest-Quebec at Dietre Capital.

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