The government, at the request of the Internal Security Agency, takes over the assets of Gazprom in Poland

It comes to the acquisition of shares in EuRoPol Gaz. EuRoPol . gas It is the owner of the Polish segment of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline. So far, 48 per cent. They had a share in it Russia’s Gazprom and Polish PGNiG (currently Orlenu Group). 4 percent belong to Gas Trading of the PKN Orlen Group.

In accordance with the decision, immediately enforceable, the Minister of Development and Technology established a temporary mandatory management of the Russian entity – PAO Gazprom. Mandatory administration is performed by attorney Radosław Kwaśnicki, informing Rzeczpospolita.

The newspaper found the magazine that this is a justification for the decision. “Decision difficulties in EuRoPol Gaz prevent appropriate cooperation with the particular operator of the transmission system, Which affects the security of gas supply to domestic and foreign customers, and thus the economic and energy security of the country“- We read.

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