Is Sophie Lorraine just whining?

He and Alexis Durant-Brault produced the excellent series MeganticHe will no longer enter any sign of Gemini.

Sophie Lorraine announced Monday evening. Fabien LaRouche, who has had several disputes with the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, will no longer book his series. Statistics. That would put an end to the Best Daily Series category, an occasional farcical category, given the number of potential candidates. If memory serves, Madame LaRouche is no stranger to introducing type to Gemini.

No gala is as mishandled as Gemini. In its 38 years, it had a few rare moments of glory and consensus, but it almost died several times. He always made people laugh. In living memory – being a member of the Academy, apart from being its President – I don’t remember a year when I didn’t criticize the awarding of trophies, even the Board of Directors, under the rule of the Academy, General Director Patrice Lachance, a wonderful mediator who always bent over backwards to satisfy everyone and their father.

Any advice from the wise?

Is Gemini Gala still taking place? Why ask this question when it brought in 856,000 viewers on Sunday, September 17? Only a few thousand less than that revolutionSunday evening program with TVA Mask singers ? Radio-Canada’s competing channels provided no support for the Gémeaux Gala. While they are as proud as the public broadcaster of our television’s remarkable successes, they often pit their most popular programs against it.

Does this mean that the Academy should not question a gala that is the reason for its existence? There are things to review, that’s true. The first is a vote that serves platforms that have become the launching pad for many series. Registration costs are high for a struggling business. Is it normal that TV channels who benefit from the publicity of their shows don’t actually contribute to it? Aren’t producers increasing their number of recordings at great expense so as not to offend anyone? The new president, Chantal Cote, would do well to assemble a group of smart people to rethink all of this.

Is it really overpriced?

For example, why did you eliminate gender categories for actors and actresses, thereby creating confusion? I was told this was done at Toronto’s request, and as we know, gender identity takes up more space than common sense. The Academy hypocritically justified the change, which reduced many of the categories, an eternal subject of debate.

The major Emmy Gala awards an average of 29 trophies and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences more than a hundred in what we here call the Industry Gala. With its 94 Gemini, our Academy is less complacent than its American counterpart. And that’s to say nothing of the dozens of Emmy trophies awarded by another organization, the National Academies (NATAS).

For anyone wondering what Gemini brings, I recommend asking any winner, whether a star, producer or craftsman!

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