January 30, 2023


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The mysterious signal from the galaxy comes from a very rare source.  "We only saw it once"

The mysterious signal from the galaxy comes from a very rare source. “We only saw it once”

The mentioned signal is rated as GLEAM-X J162759.5-523504.3. It comes from our galaxy, but scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint its source for some time. To understand what it is, answers must be found in the types of stars known to astronomers.

A pulsar is a type of neutron star that rotates very quickly. On the other hand, a white dwarf is a remnant of an ordinary star that has run out of fuel (our The sun is about to end the same). At first, scientists argued that the signal might come from a very long-range magnetar, but that didn’t quite match up either.

So the researchers concluded that it must be pulsar white dwarfIt is a very rare phenomenon. Therefore, scientists are looking at the object GLEAM-X J162759.5-523504.3 in the direction of further observations that may lead to new discoveries on this topic.

Astronomers think there may be more white dwarfs in space. However, finding them does not have to be easy, scientists note.

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