What will happen to a covid passport after the expiration date?

The EU COVID certificate is valid one year after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. What will happen to him later? Will it be automatically extended or will I need to be vaccinated again? Polish experts are waiting for important research. Their results will be announced at the beginning of September.

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1. Covid passport. Where was he honored?

Union Carbide Corporation, ie COVID certificate from the European Union (also known as Covid passport) was created to remove differences in the scope of restrictions applied by European Union countries and template documents that confirm the status of a person who can cross borders.

UCC is digital or print proof that the traveler has either:

Undoubtedly, vaccinators are the ones who benefit the most from the testimony. Not only can they travel seamlessly between EU countries, but also Don’t count towards the border Meetings and events and the number of people allowed to stay in the hotel facilities.

What will happen to a covid passport after the expiration date?

What will happen to a covid passport after the expiration date? (Getty Images)

2. What will become of a Covid passport if it expires?

Covid passport expires a year after taking the second dose Vaccines against COVID-19. What will happen to him after this time? How will the trips be?

Currently, there is no official administrative decision regarding the post-expiration Covid passport. We don’t know what will happen to her and what it will be like to cross the border. However, I would expect its validity to depend on the next dose of the vaccine. Recent studies show that vaccine antibodies can wear off after only six months. Therefore, the need for vaccination is obvious – says Dr. ukasz Durajski, consultant to the World Health Organization.

The doctor believes that it is necessary to manage The third dose of the vaccine Sooner or later it will be applied to everyone, so there is a high probability that Covid passports will be issued on this basis.

The World Health Organization is advocating that this third dose not be given now to all people with whom it has also been involved. But I appeal not because managing it is in the interest of the pharmaceutical companies, but Mainly because of the lack of vaccines in third world countries. Therefore, the dilemma regarding the administration of the third dose is significant. We know that immunocompromised people should receive it first, but then more groups of people should be taken into account – says the expert.

3. UCC Automatic Extension Possibility

Dr Durajski believes a possible solution to a Covid passport is to automatically extend it for several months.

– Such a solution may also appear, because I don’t think such a document is only required for a yearThen “cut” it and treat it as if it never existed. It remains to be seen whether it will be automatically extended, say for six months, or whether we hear a message about the need to take the third dose of the vaccine. Today we can not help but wonder – says the doctor.

The group that will first lose the validity of the certificate will be the doctors, because they were the first to take the COVID-19 preparation.

– I belong to the group of doctors who were vaccinated in January, so my diploma will expire soon. I think that doctors, because of their profession, should receive the third dose faster and on this basis their testimony should be extended – Dr. Durajsky emphasizes.

4. What about people who are certified but have few antibodies?

Another important question arises regarding the certification of the vaccine. What about people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 get certified, but after antibody testing, it turns out that The number is insufficient and the vaccine does not protect them from infection in the promised 95%.?

Certainly, these are not people who should give up travel. It must be remembered that lowering the level of antibodies does not mean that there is no protection at all. That could be Cellular immunity will be sufficient to protect against the virus. In addition, the vaccine significantly reduces the risk of severe COVID-19, and still significantly protects against hospitalization and death. And this is the most important thing – says the doctor.

Dr. Durajsky adds that if the antibody titer of the vaccine drops during the flight, it should be Follow sanitary and epidemiological rules: Wear a mask, keep your distance from yourself and remember to sanitize your hands.

Each of the methods will yield measurable benefits, and combining them with vaccination gives us more freedom and makes us feel safer. We do not see vaccines as a ticket to abandon sanitary and epidemiological rules. Combining vaccination and adhering to these rules will give you the most benefit – Dr. Durajski summarizes.

5. What are the recommendations of the Ministry of Health?

Prime Minister Morawiecki’s medical board is awaiting Polish research on the need to vaccinate certain groups of Poles with the third dose. Results are expected to be available in early September.

As the Department of Health has learned, we can expect all decisions regarding the third dose in September.

Then we will know if people who were vaccinated in January suddenly became ill. This will be a sure sign for us whether they should be given a third dose – explains the professor. Jacek Wisocki, member of the COVID-19 Medical Council.

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