Lyceo Malborsky.  Scandal in mathematics class.  They streamed it all on TikTok.  Teenagers did not hesitate

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Scandal in mathematics class. They streamed it all on TikTok. Teenagers did not hesitate

The Malbork court punished students of the Lyceum Malborsky (Pomeranian Voivodeship) who insulted a teacher during a lesson and broadcast their indecent behavior live on the Internet. The teens have been given the supervision of a conduct officer and must perform community service.

Pupils between the ages of 14 and 15 insulted the teacher during the lesson. They broadcast their behavior live on the TikTok app. You can hear it in the video Swearing from teenagers and offensive words addressed to the teacher leading the lesson. The situation occurred at the beginning of March 2023. The scandalous recording was sent to the headmaster of the Lyceo Malborsky and police officers from Nowy Staw. In addition, the police officers received a notification from the teacher about insulting a public servant.

Overseeing values ​​and social work

The Malbork District Court decided that 5 students had insulted a public servant by addressing her during lessons with words generally considered offensive. – With regard to minors, educational measures were applied in the form of supervision by the conduct warden and the obligation to perform social work by each of them for a period of 10 hours within 3 months, and with regard to one of the minors, the amount of social work was determined in 20 hours to be performed within 6 monthsY – told the PAP the press officer for civil affairs of the Gdańsk District Court, Judge Łukasz Ziola.

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Katarzyna Lewińska, Deputy Principal of the Primary School in Lisewo Malbourskie, confirmed in a previous conversation with PAP that After watching the video, she was shocked and couldn’t believe that her school students were recorded in the video. She explained that the students of the class in which the video was recorded had already complained of inappropriate behavior. She then asserted that the students had already experienced the first consequences resulting from the school law, that is, they had received a reprimand from the principal, a reprimand from the teacher, and warnings from the teacher. Students in this class received phones not allowed on school grounds.

Judge Zioca indicated that the decision of the District Court in Malbork was invalid and that the parties had the right to appeal to the District Court in Gdańsk. He emphasized that the case was held in secret because it involved minors.

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