The money will run out in a couple of days.  The United States is far from paralyzed

As the Washington Post wrote, Workers at federal agencies have received notice that they may be furloughed soon if they are not on the essential worker list. This is related to the ongoing impasse in Congress regarding the adoption of a temporary budget or budget to appropriate funds necessary for the continued operation of state agencies.

time is running out

If the relevant bill is not passed by the end of September, when the current fiscal year ends, The so-called lockdown will disrupt the work of most offices and bodies except for the most important and essential functions. This means, for example, closing federal parks or disrupting social programs.

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Soldiers, border guards and airport workers will have to work for free. According to the Washington Post, no final decisions have been made yet about which employees will be sent on possible leave. However, the Pentagon decided that the unrest would not affect the delivery of aid to Ukraine.

The right obstructs the budget

The reason for the paralysis in Congress is primarily due to the demands of the right wing of the Republican Party, which – which has a decisive influence on the vote – does not want to agree to adopt the temporary measure without significant cuts and funds to strengthen the budget. borders, above all, without removing funds allocated to aid Ukraine from the project. The Democrats who control the Senate and the majority of Republican senators do not want to agree to this.

House Republicans also rejected a Senate bill on a “clean” stopgap measure that would leave spending levels at their current level.

According to Politico and The Washington Post, this makes a shutdown a likely scenario. This situation has occurred several times in the United States, but most often the paralysis lasts several days. The longest occurred during Donald Trump’s presidency in 2018, lasting 34 days.

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