The war in Ukraine.  Jake Sullivan: The United States will not tolerate any aggression against Finland and Sweden

The United States and its allies are readySend a very clear signalTo any potential aggressors like Russia, Sullivan warned, citing The Hill.

– United State Willing to provide Finland and Sweden with defensive capabilitiesSullivan explained that although Article 5 of the NATO Treaty obligating allies to provide mutual assistance in the event of an attack does not protect the candidate countries until their accession is approved by all 30 NATO countries.

American experts decided that Russia, which threatened revenge The Nordic countries, in view of their decision to join the Alliance, intend – at best – Launching a series of small cyber attacks v. Finland and Sweden, “The Hill” report.

Sullivan stressed that “Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine only Strengthen the arguments for Maintaining a defensive alliance is NATO.”

The U.S. National Security Adviser to the President said most directly what was previously noted in a press release by President Joe Biden, who wrote that the U.S. would “cooperate with Finland and Sweden and remain vigilant on common security issues” in the period when these countries’ application for accession will be considered. to NATO.

In recent days, Finland and Sweden, among other countries, have offered security guarantees while their applications to join NATO are being examined by Great Britain, France, Norway, Denmark, Italy and Iceland.


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