“Gladiator 2” is one of the most expensive films in the history of cinema.  Ridley Scott and Paul Mescal have a problem?
“Gladiator 2” will only debut in theaters on November 22, but Ridley Scott's trailer is already buzzing. All of this is due to the incredibly high production budget, which could make it difficult for the film to turn a profit.

“Gladiator 2” has a big budget like the Colosseum

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Gladiator 2” was originally supposed to cost $165 million to produce. But during filming, the film's budget increased Up to 310 million. For comparison, the first original “Gladiator” cost only 100 million. This makes it a sequel to the Oscar-winning film One of the most expensive productions in the history of cinema. Things have gotten out of control. Nobody is watching that – Comments from an anonymous employee at Paramount Studio.

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The incredibly high costs of “Gladiator 2” were affected, among other things, by: last year's actors' strike in Hollywood. Because of him, the film's production was suspended for about half a year, and each week of interruption cost the studio $600,000.

The good news is that the first film adaptation impressed studio executives. However, for “Gladiator 2” to be a hit at the box office, it must earn at least $1 billion in theaters.

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What do we know about “Gladiator 2”?

Ridley Scott also serves as a producer on the film along with Michael Bruce, Doug Wick, and Lucy Fisher. The author of the latest version of the screenplay is David Scarpa, who also wrote “Napoleon” and “All the Money in the World” for Scott this year.

The main role in the movie “Gladiator 2” is played by actor Paul Mescal, who was nominated for an Oscar this year for his performance in the movie “Aftersun.” He played Lucius, grandson of Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris), son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and nephew of the evil Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix). In the conclusion of the first film, General Maximus, played by Russell Crowe, saves the hero from death while taking revenge on his family's killers.

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The cast also included Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn, Pedro Pascal, and Derek Jacobi.

What was the theme of “Gladiator”? Watch the trailer

“Gladiator” hit theaters in 2000. Out of twelve Academy Award nominations, it won five statues. Awarded by the American Film Academy, among others: starring Russell Crowe.

The Roman general Maximus, sentenced to death by the pretender to the imperial throne, miraculously escapes alive from the trap set for him. He was captured by a slave trader, subjected to assassin training, and became a wrestler. Thanks to his extraordinary skills, he returns to Rome, to the Colosseum arena, where he quickly gets a chance for revenge.

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