The McCallister family from Home Alone is rich.  But how much?  Their property was appraised

“Home Alone” is a film that needs no introduction. Watching the production during the holidays has become a Polish tradition. Next time, Kevin McCallister will once again appear on our televisions and will outsmart the clever thieves alone. Fans of the boy who stays home alone for the holidays have wondered how rich the McCallister family is. It is undeniable that the film family boasts a huge estate. In addition, everyone goes on expensive holidays abroad during the holidays. What wealth can they boast? Journalists from the USA come up with the answer.

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Interesting facts about the movie “Home Alone”. What's Christmas without it?

Was Kevin's family from “Home Alone” rich? Journalists decided to calculate the fortune of the Macalister family

Fans of “Home Alone” have long wondered about the wealth of the family featured in the film. They also wonder why the thieves chose their home. Journalists from the New York Times decided to answer these questions. They were helped by economists and people associated with the film. It should be noted that in the conversation between the thieves at the beginning of the arrangement, it was said that there were a lot of jewelry and securities in Macalister's property. Journalists pointed out that it is the house that determines the wealth of Kevin's family. It turns out that the building is located in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka. This is one of the most expensive places in the entire United States! According to Zillow, the Macalister property in 2022 will cost about two and a half million dollars, that is, less than ten million zlotys! According to the foreign site's editors' calculations, the family is with her film Home Alone was able to maintain her villa, and it had to generate an income of $730,000 a year. More photos of frames from the movie “Home Alone” can be found in the gallery at the top of the page.

Frame from the movie “Kevin Sam and Domo” z You screen

What did Kevin's parents do in “Home Alone”?

Another mystery that fans are trying to find an answer to is the job of Kevin's parents. Viewers repeatedly tried to evaluate what they could do. The most common theory is that the main character's mother is a designer Modi. This is all because of the models that appear in several scenes. Kevin uses it to trick thieves. What about the boy's father? A fan theory might surprise you. Some Reddit fans believe McAllister is connected to…the mafia. Want to know more guesses about this topic? You can read about it here. See also: “Kevin is home alone.” Was the Macalister family rich? Journalists from the USA calculated her fortune

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“Kevin's home alone.” Still from 20th Century Fox's “Home Alone” (1992).

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