Radio and television license to invite debtors to collect salary and collect the consequences of debts

Gazeta Pomorska newspaper reported that the Poczta Polska company in the region is sending requests to pay late fees. The subscription debit has 7 days to do this. If he does not do so, the debt will be executed on the basis of an execution document submitted to the competent tax office to which the debtor is subject. The Tax Office may collect overdue RTV license fees, for example, from: overpayment of income tax, bank account, pension, annuity or salary – wrote “Gazeta Pomorska”.

880 chapters in one area only

During the first ten months of this year, the tax authorities seized 880 salaries, pensions, annuities, and bank accounts due to arrears in contributions.

The total amount recovered in this regard amounts to more than PLN 770,000. The highest one-time confiscation amount in 2023 was about PLN 39,000, and the lowest was about ten zlotys. – Kinga Bawszczyńska, press spokeswoman for the Bydgoszcz Tax Administration Chamber, told Gazeta Pomorska.

Dozens of Polish postal inspectors across the country check whether residents of individual buildings and drivers have registered radio and television receivers. It is also the Corporation's responsibility to check whether receiver owners pay radio and television license fees. The penalty for failure to register the recipient and failure to pay the RTV license fee is 30 times its monthly amount. The person or company caught doing this must also pay the contributions due.

Conducting a proper inspection is not easy, you do not have to allow Poczta Polska employees into your house or apartment and do not face any consequences for doing so. Removing the radio from the car is not enough to impose a fine. Controllers must demonstrate that the device is working and can be used to receive the signal at any time. Therefore, TVs with smart TVs without a decoder or antenna, as well as smartphones with radio applications, are not subject to the registration obligation. It is easier for Poczta Polska to collect fees from people who have already registered recipients. If they stop paying, it goes to the head of the tax office, who can secure the money in the account.

Only 34.7 percent people are obligated to pay RTV license fees

At the end of 2022, only 828,000 people had paid for radio and television licences. Binding (34.7%). The National Broadcasting Council report shows that there are 589,000 in this group. Households and 239 thousand institutional subscribers. A year ago, they paid just over 900,000. binding.

The National Broadcasting Council, citing Poczta Polska records, reported that at the end of last year there were 4,947,939 registered subscribers, including 239,237 institutional subscribers, of whom 4,703,846 had a television or radio receiver, and 244,093 with a radio only. In 2022, compared to 2021, there was a decrease of 1,597,827 in the number of subscribers – natural persons and an increase of 1,034 in the number of subscribers from institutions.

You can appeal the penalty for not registering your radio or TV. In an interview with, legal advisors from Media Law Firm explained the procedures followed in this regard. If the appeal is found to be ineffective, the National Radio and Television Council may, in special cases, write off the arrears or divide them into instalments.

In 2022, Poczta Polska applied to the National Broadcasting Council to cancel the arrears of 3,476 indebted subscribers (837 more indebted subscribers than in 2021), in the amount of PLN 5.1 million (PLN 1.4 million more than in 2021). A request in this regard can also be submitted by the debtor himself. In 2022, the National Radio and Television Council received 41,353 letters regarding license fees (820 more compared to 2021).

The fee for the radio receiver itself is PLN 8.70. If we also have a TV set ready for delivery, we have to pay PLN 27.30 per month.

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