James Franco talks about harassment and broken friendship with Seth Rogen
Six months after Seth Rogen publicly ended his friendship with James Franco, the actor gave an interview in which he made accusations of sexual harassment and threaded his long friendship with Rogen.

James Franco talks about accusations of sexual harassment

On The Jess Cagle Podcast he admitted sleeping with students of Studio 4 acting school and apologized for his behavior. However, he emphasized that he did not participate in the recruitment process, and this was not a reason for the establishment of the facility, and that sexual relations were always carried out with the consent of both parties.

Recall: in 2019, Franco was sued with his business partners Vince Jolevette and Jay Davis, with whom he founded the production company RabbitBandini and the acting school Studio 4. Guizdur is accused of numerous cases of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and other crimes against hundreds of students using a closed school actually. The two students, Sarah Tether Kaplan and Tony Gall, withdrew the class action against Franco from court. Later in the conversation, the actor also spoke about Raven. “I’d like to say I love Seth. I’ve worked with him for 20 years and never once quarreled. He’s been my best friend and colleague. We get along very well. What he said is true. We don’t work together and we don’t plan on it. It hurts me, but I understand – I had to talk when I was silent. He should have said it to me, but it can’t be like that anymore. That’s why I wanted to speak. I don’t want Seth or my brother to say anything. In my name.”

Seth Rogen and James Franco – How did the allegations of harassment affect their relationship?

Gentlemen have worked together many times over the years. Back in 2018, when dark clouds of accusations of sexual harassment were rising above Franco, Rogen announced that he would continue this collaboration. Later, however, he changed his mind. He admitted that his relationship with Franco had changed and he was unsure if they were still friends.

Rogen then referred to the accusations made by Charlene Yee. The actress revealed on Instagram that she wants to leave the movie “Disaster Artist” because of James Franco. Others tried to dissuade her from this by offering a larger role to which she would respond by crying and declaring that she wanted the opposite, and that she did not feel safe working with a sexual harasser. Then I heard that Franco’s harassment is a past issue and that the actor has changed his behavior. Yi felt that the protection Franco had at the time was shared with Rogen, who was a producer of the movie “Disaster Artist”.

Rogen replied to this: All I can say is that I despise violence and bullying and will never conceal the actions of those who do so. Also, I wouldn’t consciously put anyone in a situation where they would be around someone like that.

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