The lighting of churches and monuments will be dimmed by the astronomical hour

The backlight will turn off under sacred monuments and buildings. as part of the savings.

Astronomical clocks will save energy. The Gdańsk Authority for Roads and Green Spaces has installed more than 50 devices on illuminated buildings in the city. This made it possible to program a “night break” into the power supply.

Remember Magdalena Kilgan With GZDiZ, 97 sacred, historical and architectural buildings in Gdańsk are illuminated. These are churches, bridges, overpasses, gates, walls, monuments, parks and squares, flag poles and billboards.

In February, more than half of them are equipped with astronomical clocks that allow you to set a night holiday.

– We planned it between 11 pm and 4 am – says Magdalena Kilgan.
This will help the so-called sidereal clock. It is a device used to control electrical circuits, operating in a pre-programmed periodicity.

Energy consumption reduced by up to 30%.

– Thanks to it, you can control the duration of the lighting. The time of turning on and off the light sources is set on it. The clocks installed on more than half of our lights allowed us to put in a night break, says Kilgan. Energy needs to be conserved and that’s what pauses are for.

Using the devices will reduce the electricity bill used to power the lights by up to 30 percent.

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