February 3, 2023


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French investigative website Disclose reveals: the European Union is protecting a Russian oligarch from sanctions

French investigative website Disclose reveals: the European Union is protecting a Russian oligarch from sanctions

Lisin supplied steel to more than a dozen Russian arms factories. Despite his ties to companies that design ballistic missiles and drones, the oligarch is not subject to any sanctions in Europe and the United States. – Investigation results disclosure.

Altogether, they are currently covered by international sanctions More than 1,000 Russian citizens. Yachts, private jets, villas, bank accounts and works of art have been frozen by international institutions; Almost 30 billion euros of assets have been frozen across Europe.

An exception to the rule. why?

The exception is one of the richest people in Russia, 66-year-old Lizin, which leads Nowolipiecka Stal (NLMK), a conglomerate that operates mines and steelworks in Russia and plants in Europe, including France, Italy and Belgium, notes Disclose. He adds that the property of the oligarch, who has, among others, a castle in Scotland and an estate in the south of France, is estimated at $ 18 billion.

Lisin remains free to travel around the world except for Australia, which put him on the sanctions list.

The accusations against Lisin related not only to his metallurgical activities. Documents in Disclose’s possession show that her other company, Volga Shipping, which specializes in sea transportation, played an active role in circumventing sanctions related to the import of goods into Europe by Russian ships, including the transportation of oil to Greece.

In France, at its factory in Strasbourg, NLMK employs 144 people who produce about 400,000 tons of steel annually for the automotive and construction industries.

The French Foreign Ministry, the Office of the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Office of the Prime Minister did not answer Disclose’s question about whether Lessin was on France’s sanctions list. The General Directorate of the Treasury announced that Lisin’s assets are not subject to freezing.

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On the other hand, the investigative portal says Lesin has “influential friends” in Belgium, where major investment fund Wallon Sugiba owns 49 percent. The capital of NLMK Belgium Holdings, which employs 1,200 people.

Source: Disclose, niezalezna.pl