Big banquet and American premiere filmed in Szczecin.  Who attended the event? [ZDJĘCIA]

Almost four years of work and a great premiere. Behind us is the first official performance of the American production “Final Diagnosis”, which, among other things, was recorded in Szczecin. The show and banquet took place at the Krzemień Cultural Center in Szczecin.

This premiere has been waiting for a long time. Screenwriter and producer from California, Jason T Madikos. The film was shot in Szczecin, but also in Poznań.

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The cast includes, among others, Bowie Sakowski (known from “Game of Thrones”)Ilona Janist (“Mjak miłość”, “Rojst”)Or Daniel Mavrov (“Being Jacob”, “Mr. Professor, Jít na Ples”).

– Originally, the premiere was supposed to take place last year, unfortunately, due to pandemic reasons, work on the film has slowed down considerably, fortunately the project has come to an end and we already had two preview shows – withsays Damien Ratajczak, co-producer of Definitive Diagnosis.

The performances were mainly attended by people from the world of cinema and business, as well as people who worked on the production set.
– This film has an interesting story above all – comments present in the screening Magdalena Jagdamovich, Szczecin entrepreneur. Jason Madicus dreamed of making this movie. He wrote the script himself, financed the production himself, and published the book. Now he’s about to appear in his first movie. This deserves recognition.

See photos from the first show(86 photos)

Artur Nycz expresses himself in a similar tone – first of all, I am glad that this production was carried out in Poland, it confirms the attractiveness of our country for producers. As far as I know, Jason’s next film, Good Grief, is in the works, and the shooting is taking place in Poznań and Szczecin. I want Jason to appreciate his work.

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