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The lengthy gameplay of New Tales from the Borderlands has fueled fans' fears

The lengthy gameplay of New Tales from the Borderlands has fueled fans’ fears

September 3, 2022, 2:45 pm

author: Krzysztof “Bebop” Kałuziński

The gameplay from New Tales from the Borderlands first appeared on the web, but the presented material was not favorably received by fans.


  1. Movie material featuring the main characters and part of the gameplay from New Tales from Borderlands.
  2. Fans of the series from Gearbox Software praise the graphics, but complain about the weak and unfunny dialogues.

creators New Tales from Borderlands He released a trailer dedicated to the three heroes and a roughly 20-minute gameplay portion of this upcoming title (the two videos are shown below). secondly The material allows you to look at the mechanics of economic gameplay, as well as evaluate the jokefor which you are famous Course From Gearbox.

Reddit users definitely didn’t like the humor – please give your opinion.

New Tales From Borderlands Like ‘Old Sitcom With Laughs’

Have you already read the movie? Have you made up your mind? So let’s find out what he has about it to say Reddit community.

The new engine looks great, but these are on a bad level as in Borderlands 3. The characters seem boring, and the dialogues are either really predictable or based on random references and humor.

origin reason Tales from Borderlands It turned out that the writing was at the highest level. I didn’t like most of this movie, popcar2 wrote.

I was going to ask who wrote it? If they are not from the original creators, I will only check this game out when it becomes available – TheOneWithThePorn12.

I got to the middle of the road and stopped watching. It’s written in a boring way (maybe context helps?), but the real problem is the representation. The way the characters move or speak seems forced and unnatural.

Maybe I just do, but I wouldn’t be able to pass the address in with such a representation. Especially if the work focuses heavily on plot/dialogues like Tales from Borderlands – Morgantuanbeast.

As you see, Reddit users weren’t kind to the gameBut I have to admit I didn’t smile even once while watching the match score.

New Tales from Borderlands It will debut on October 21, 2022 On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch – there is very little time to make corrections in the scenario.

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