January 28, 2023


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They have stolen GTA 6 and hacked Uber before. The case lands on the FBI

The massive GTA 6 leak issue is gaining momentum. Rockstar Games officially confirms the authenticity of the recordings and adds that an incident related to a hack on the company’s servers has occurred. Uber has recently suffered in a similar way.

GTA 6 leak officially confirmed

High echoes of material spills from GTA 6. The incident was confirmed by the Rockstar Games team through whom statement Confirm the authenticity of the recordings. The company reported that its servers had been hacked and that an unauthorized person had obtained it Access to sensitive data.

The first suspects

Internet user hiding behind a nickname heritage It was announced yesterday that the same person behind the attack on Rockstar Games is recently hacked Shipping company Uber. According to these reports, this is A 16-year-old boy from Great Britainlinked to a group “Lapsus $”.

Uber’s comments on the GTA 6 incident

Publication of representatives of the transport company statementwho leaves no illusions. Uber cooperates with the FBI And the US Department of Justice to catch criminals.

We believe this hacker (or hackers) is related to a group called $Lapsus, which has become increasingly active over the past year. This group typically uses similar technologies to target tech companies, and only in 2022 was breached by Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia, and Okta, among others. There were also reports over the weekend that the same criminal hacked into video game developer Rockstar Games. We are working closely with the FBI and the US Department of Justice on this matter and will continue to support their efforts.

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We may witness organized attacks by the same group. The matter is gaining momentum and it remains to watch the course of events closely. Until recently, the alleged author of the leak GTA 6 want “negotiate” From Rockstar Games.

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