Xbox Series X mini refrigerator will be available in Poland

Microsoft skillfully turned jokes about the appearance of the Xbox Series X into an interesting advertising campaign for its console. Next to it, you can place a small refrigerator of identical appearance.

Xbox and Chill, you’ll be able to order the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

Tastes are not discussed, for some the Xbox Series X looks much better than the competition prepared by Sony, but there are also those who compared the design to the refrigerator from the start and with a negative design. For those who follow industry news closely, the topic is nothing new. The manufacturer first created a full-size refrigerator in the form of the Xbox series, and later also a mini-fridge. The latter was so warmly received that it was decided to go into mass production.

However, we had some doubts, especially regarding the price and availability of the device. There have been suggestions that it would be too limited. It turns out not. It has been officially announced that the Xbox Series X mini fridge is also available in Europe and Poland.

How much does an Xbox Series X mini fridge cost?

The main branch of Xbox has revealed that orders will be processed through the store. As for the price, so far we only know the device in the West, the device was priced at €99 and £89.99 in the UK. Regular sales are likely to start in December.

The Xbox Series X mini fridge was created in collaboration with Ukonic. It will be promoted with the “Xbox and Chill” tagline, has built-in LED lights and a design reminiscent of the Xbox Series X. It holds up to 10 beverage cans, although capacity is not specified, as well as an in-door shelf for small snacks. On the front there is a USB port for charging other devices.

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