Pedronka tempts lovers of cheap electronics.  What this time? [27.09.2021]

Pedronka, as usual, starts next Monday (09/27/2121) with a new sale offer, including this time, among other things, a flashlight with a power bank function.

Biedronka has already made us all accustomed to the fact that they regularly offer cheap electronics from local importers. Here is a repetition of entertainment, more specifically Lethe Workshop Torch.

The device has two types of LED lights, thus Two different modes of operation. A 10W COB matrix is ​​responsible for the diffused light, while the spotlight is achieved by a 5-W W-LED diode. In the first case, the red color can be additionally obtained.

Thanks to the hook that rotates around its axis, the lamp can be easily hung and the bearing in the body allows you Lighting angle adjustment. IP54 standard ensures protection from dust and light splashes.

Pedronka tempts lovers of cheap electronics.  What this time? [27.09.2021]

research: Pedronka tempts lovers of cheap electronics. What this time? [20.09.2021]

The lamp has a built-in rechargeable battery. Its capacity is unfortunately unknown, but it should be noted that shipping is via microUSB connector and docking station included. Its condition is indicated by an appropriate indicator. However, the most interesting thing is that the lamp itself has a returnable socket, so it can also be used as an emergency power bank.

The retail price of the tool is zloty 79.90.00 zlotyAnd the manufacturer, apart from the device itself with accessories, also provides a three-year warranty. Let us remind you that the show starts on September 27th.

Image source: CC-BY SA 4.0 (Jacek Halicki)

Text source: Biedronka, ed. King

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