The launch of the powerful European Ariane 6 missile with Poland in the background

Ariane 6 They will be available in two variants, namely 62 and 64. In this way, the missiles will be flexibly adapted to the specific tasks. The new rocket is set to replace the Ariane 5 rocket, which was so worthy of the European space industry, which has been in orbit for more than 20 years. Their attribute would be the ability to recover from 2 to 4 boosters.

Ariane 6’s inaugural flight was originally scheduled for 2020, but technical issues and delays caused by pandemic lockdowns mean it eventually won’t happen until next year. At the moment the company Ariane group It has delivered the rocket’s central core to the spaceport and wants to test the rocket’s engines and individual stages by the end of the year.

In the new animation posted on the World Wide Web, you can see what the mission of this most powerful rocket will look like. Interestingly, it happened in September last year 100 Ariane 5 missiles launched. Europe needs a new missile to compete with the United States and provide space facilities for European Union companies.

There is also a Polish thread in the construction and operation of the Ariane 6. It is a ship that will transport rocket components from French factories to the European spaceport called Kourou, located in French Guiana. canopy ship It will be powered by wind and combustion engine. The hull of the ship is made in our country.

The ship’s construction is being supervised by Neptune Shipyards BV for Jifmar Offshore Services and Zéphyr and Borée (Z&B), which will act as the ship’s owners. The Canopee hull will be built in Poland and will be completed by a Dutch shipyard. He will take care of the construction in our country Partner in the shipyard of the police.

ESA like it Canopee was an ecological unit. As it will transport heavy missile elements (the length of the missile is 60 meters and its mass is up to 600 tons), and therefore it cannot use solar panels, because there is no space for them on board and the energy is also obtained from them. small. Power. Therefore, one of the drives will be based on an ecological solution in which diesel engines will be powered by LNG.

but that is not all. It will be complemented by four foldable sails, using the power of Atlantic winds. It has a height of 30 meters and an area of ​​1452 square meters. According to engineers, like this Environmental Canopy Engines It will reduce emissions into the atmosphere by up to 35 percent compared to ships currently used to transport missile components.

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