The largest pair of black holes.  It has a mass of 28 billion suns

Black holes can be very massive. For example Sagittarius A* It is located in the center of our galaxy Mass of about 4.3 million suns. However, this is nothing compared to the real giants that exist Its mass is estimated at billions of stars in the solar system. Astronomers have found not one, but two massive objects located close to each other.

Astronomers discovered The largest pair of black holesWhich comes from an elliptical galaxy classified as B2 0402+379. The objects there have enormous mass. Scientists initially estimated this to be: Up to 28 billion solar masses. They are therefore among the “heaviest” ever found.

Last year, it was announced that one of the most massive black holes ever discovered in the universe had been discovered. It was a giant found in the Abell 1201 cluster, about 2.7 billion light-years away. Its mass was estimated at 32.7 billion solar masses. The new couple is not inferior to him in this regard.

As if that wasn't enough, the largest pair of black holes known to mankind are located very close to each other. Both objects It is only about 24 light years away from us. For comparison, the diameter of the entire Milky Way Galaxy is 105.7 thousand. Light year. So they are almost “at your fingertips”. Of course, in the case of cosmic distance standards.

In this way they became a couple as well The two closest supermassive black holes of all have been discovered By astronomers. The objects are so massive that they do not want to collide and come into contact with each other. Here scientists draw their attention to a certain fact.

Supermassive black hole mergers are still happening theory, but such a process has not been observed. Astronomers claim that the black holes they found could remain in such a “dance” for more than 3 billion years.

B2 0402+379 is a “fossil cluster” that reveals what happens when the stars and gas in an entire galaxy cluster merge into one massive galaxy. Astronomers say that the two supermassive black holes in the center were created as a result Communications of many small facilities of this type Of galaxies across the cluster.

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