The largest massacre in the history of the Faroe Islands.  The population killed 1.5 thousand.  dolphins

Even locals were shocked by the brutal killing of dolphins that were chased into the shallow waters off the island of Estori, where they were tortured for hours before being slaughtered, the British newspaper The Guardian wrote.

The Sea Shepherd group, which has fought for a complete ban on traditional fishing in the Faroe Islands known as “Grind” since the 1980s, has called dolphin-killing a “very heinous attack on nature”.

During the “Grind”, which has become a tourist attraction, the meat of slaughtered whales and dolphins is shared among the residents of the local community. But it’s too much for 53,000. Residents – euronews notes.

– These days are far from the ancient hunts, which were supposed to ensure survival (…). Rob Reed, director of Sea Shepherd, told Euronews that the “Grind” is now made of high-powered motorboats and motorbikes, which is nothing more than a sport that pretends to be a tradition.

Euronews writes that the Faroe Islands, Japan, Norway and Iceland are the “biggest culprits” among the countries that continue to practice commercial whaling despite their ban in 1986.


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