Portugal.  100,000 people infected with COVID-19 without treatment options

According to the weekly newspaper “Expresso” and Radio Observador, medical associations also indicate that the increasing difficulties in hospitals lead to a lack of care for people with Covid-19 symptoms for more than three months after the patient’s discharge from the medical facility.

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This phenomenon was confirmed by the authorities of the Portuguese Medical Chamber (OM). They note that while the most severe cases of long-standing coronavirus infections can be treated in the country’s largest hospitals, which are mainly located in Lisbon and Porto, people with less severe symptoms are referred to health centres. OM points out that these institutions do not have the necessary conditions to handle such cases.

To date, in Portugal, 10 million, there are only a few departments specializing in the treatment of long-term symptoms of COVID-19. These units are mainly located in the capital agglomeration.

Data from the Portuguese medical services show that the symptoms most often reported by patients with so-called long-term coronavirus infection include difficulty breathing, coughing, headache and weight loss.

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