Billions of tons of water on the moon?  This is what scientists have found

“This is one of the most exciting discoveries we’ve made,” Mahesh Anand, a professor at the Open University, told the Guardian. “However, the potential for lunar exploration is higher than ever before.” – Confirms.

The discovery could be made thanks to the mission of the Chinese probe Chang’e 5 in 2020. Then the rover managed to reach under the surface of the moon. It turned out that the equipment collided with “small balls” of water. The scientists announced the discovery in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The balls, less than a millimeter in diameter, are formed when meteorites hit the moon. Scientists suggest that extracting water from these fields can be relatively easy – and this can help a lot in future lunar exploration. The water could theoretically be used by astronauts on future missions. It would certainly make building bases on the moon much easier.

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