Kryminologia to pierwszy na Podkarpaciu i jeden z nielicznych w Polsce kierunek studiów, jaki w nowym roku akademickim ruszy w WSPiA Rzeszowskiej Szkole Wyższej. Ma on charakter multidyscyplinarny - łączy wiedzę z różnych nauk psychologii, medycyny, prawa, socjologii czy ekonomii.

Criminology is the first field of study in Podkarpacie and one of the few in Poland to be launched at WSPiA Rzeszów in the new academic year. It is interdisciplinary in nature – it combines knowledge from various sciences, including psychology, medicine, law, sociology and economics.

Until now, criminology, along with forensics, was a specialty of this university in the field of internal security.

According to the Vice-Chancellor of WSPiA Rzeszów, Dr. Agata Furgała, criminology is Prestigious field of study. It is a very important and socially required science. Only a few universities in Poland run it. This group – thanks to the support of the Polish scientific community – is joined by WSPiA – The doctor reported a bang.

According to, currently in Poland, he is studying in the field of criminology in the academic year 2022/2023 It offers 9 public universities and 11 private universities, Whether in firmware, part-time or online.

The vice president of the university indicated that he deals with criminology Research and collect comprehensive knowledge about crime and crime. It also focuses on the perpetrator and the victim and the mechanisms that are created to prevent and combat crime.

The studies that we are launching in the new academic year are of a multidisciplinary nature. They allow you to gain knowledge in the field of sciences such as: Law, psychology, medicine or sociology. Students will be able to meet, among other things, the secrets of criminal profiling, phenomena and criminal causes, forms and methods of crime prevention and control. – The Vice-Chancellor of the WSPiA University in Rzeszów has been counted.

In addition, students will also be able to get to know each other in the new field of study Relationships of criminology with history, art and literature.

Dr. pointed out. Because the knowledge and skills acquired during these studies will allow graduates to understand the social phenomena that surround us, including the sources and determinants of crime.

add that There is a demand for specialists in the field of criminology both in public bodies and institutions, as well as in the corporate sector and private institutions – She indicated.

She stated that the WSPiA in Rzeszów has extensive achievements and experience in both research and teaching in the field of criminology.

The launch of criminology as a separate field of study is a logical consequence of the evolution of our fields of research and the resulting fields of study. From the start, WSPiA has been educating students – crime-fighting experts – She indicated.

She noted that for nearly 30 years, responding to the widely understood needs of security sector institutions and the interests of youth, the university was the first to launch Internal Security in Podkarpaşi (first as a management major, then as an independent study program No. 1 and 2. Degree).

She pointed out that criminology and forensic medicine have been among the most popular disciplines in homeland security for several years.

Hence, the next step, backed by the accumulated research achievements, educational experience, and equally important scientific and research resources of the Podkarpackie Center for Criminology, Forensic Medicine and Forensics at WSPiA, was to undertake the task of launching an independent field of study from criminology – The Vice-Chancellor of the University confirmed.

She also noted that the university received support in this matter from the Polish scientific community dealing with criminology: with their knowledge and advice in creating the study program, as well as in the collection of professional literature, the university was supported by prominent Polish criminologists, including the professor. Emil Walenty Pływaczewski, an authority in this field of science, and the only Polish representative to take part in the jury of the Stockholm Scientific Prize in the field of criminology “the Nobel Prize in Criminology”.

The confidence that our colleagues from many academic centers have placed in us proves that the potential of our activities has been noticed and I am convinced that in the next few years criminology at WSPiA will become a well-known field of study in the Polish academic community – Condemned Dr. pop.

When asked about the reasons for the scarcity of this field of study, despite its great popularity among young people, in the presentation of Polish universities, she stressed that opening any new field of study requires the approval of the Minister of Education and Science.

For this purpose, the university you are applying to must prove its scientific and research capabilities and have adequate teaching staff. The decision also depends on the innovative component of the study programme, which must meet the needs of the labor market for experts in the field of criminology. – She indicated.

She noted that Rzeszów’s WSPiA proposal combines the values ​​of a well-prepared theoretical foundation with the proposal of practical forms of knowledge acquisition.

We are pleased that the new WSPiA proposal has received support from recognized representatives of the Polish criminological community, who have expressed their willingness to cooperate with us. It is one of the most difficult elements to obtain when creating such a trend. Thus, there are not many of them in Poland Summarizing Dr. pop.

A spokesperson for WSPiA in Rzeszów, Przemysław Pawlak, noted that candidates for studies at the WSPiA in Rzeszów, in addition to criminology, have a choice of four fields of study tested and conducted by the university for many years: Administration, Homeland Security, Law and Administration.

We also provide updates in these areas of study. We constantly monitor the interests of candidates and the needs of the labor market, which is why the offer of 26 proposed specializations this year includes up to 10 new products Pollack noted.

Candidates are recruited for online studies. The candidate logs in electronically through the state-of-the-art WSPiA e-recruitment system. Completes all required data, attaches relevant documents and selects field of study. The application is accepted by the staff of the Employment Office who – if necessary – contact the candidate to complete the missing data.

The first round of recruitment runs until August 3rd. The second round of recruitment begins on August 5 and runs through September 28.

This year, recruitment for first cycle or consolidated master’s studies in all fields of study in Poland started in early May and June. Last year, there were more than a million candidates, universities accepted nearly 350 thousand. People – according to data from the Ministry of Education and Science.

There are 369 universities in Poland – 17 churches, 131 public and 221 non-public universities. These data are recent at the end of 2021, submitted to PAP by the Information Processing Center – National Research Institute (OPI PIB).

Data submitted to PAP by the Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN) shows that in the 2021/2022 academic year, nearly 296 thousand candidates were accepted for studies from more than one million candidates. male and female students for the first stage studies and 53.5 thousand male and female students. For consolidated master’s studies. Before the year (2020/2021), there were approximately 960 thousand. candidates; In the first stage studies people were registered 297.5 thousand, and for the unified master’s degree – 49.6 thousand. People.

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