The Kremlin hit the American giant.  Google in Russia will file for bankruptcy

A petition from Google’s Russian subsidiary regarding bankruptcy was placed in the official Fedresurs registry on Wednesday. The entrance says that the branch He submits a note regarding his intent to declare him insolvent.

Reuters reported that it is not known whether Google’s bankruptcy filing was due to financial sanctions imposed by Russian authorities on the company, including a $113 million fine for what it calls Moscow. Permanent failure to comply with an order to remove content that is illegal in Russia.

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“The Russian authorities’ seizure of the Google Russia bank account has prevented our Russia office from operating, including hiring and paying Russian workers, paying suppliers and vendors, and fulfilling other financial obligations,” a Google spokesperson told Reuters.

Meanwhile, the Russian authorities said, on Tuesday, that they do not plan to block Google’s YouTube, despite repeated threats of financial sanctions or closure, as this would harm Russian users of the platform.

In late March, Russia’s state media and internet regulator, Roskomnadzor, prepared two cases in the Administrative Court against Google and YouTube, which it accused them of committing. “Promoting fake content”. He also announced that he would seek to impose a penalty on Google equivalent to 20 percent. Annual income of the company in Russia.

Earlier, a Russian court recognized Meta Platforms INC. , the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, As an “extreme” means the work of these social networks has been banned in Russia. Access to Twitter has also been restricted.

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