How to Get UPC Coverage Optical Fiber Cable Networks Internet Cable TV Coverage Białystok Kraków Gdańsk Ciechanów Warszawa Katowice

The more fiber-optic Internet and TV providers in a given building, the more likely it is that a customer will find an attractive offer. Even in cities there is no shortage of facilities where the operator is a monopolist. Then you should use the mobile Internet offer of the mobile network or wait for the competition to appear.

Soon, more buildings from Białystok came within easy reach

Recently, Play announced on a blog that it has been continuing to develop its fiber network since the beginning of the year. The FTTH infrastructure, which provides high-speed internet and access to digital services, including television, among others, has been expanded by in Krakow, Gdańsk, Siciano, Warsaw and Katowice. Now it’s time to include Bialystok.

– great! Soon you will be able to use UPC services! We are currently expanding the network in your area. Leave us your contact details and we’ll get back to you when we’re ready Residents of some buildings in Białystok can read on the UPC website after entering their address.

Play’s press office ensures that the range is constantly expanding. – At present, Play and UPC fiber internet services are available in Białystok for several thousand households. However, we plan to expand the range further. We are constantly investing in the development of our fiber optic network, expanding it by several thousand connections per month across the country. These are several thousand connections per month that are UPC / Play investments Sankowska-Sieniek confirms.

UPC Polska fiber optic network in a separate company

A week ago, Play completed the sale of half of the shares of the company in which it is a shareholder of the UPC Polska fiber network. It raised PLN 1.775 billion from French private equity fund InfraVia Capital Partners. The network covers 3.7 million households. After the deal, the new entity will be able to lease optical fibers to UPC’s competitors. Only in the premises where this operator has been present, Vectra, Polsat Box, Orange and T-Mobile will be able to provide their services.

In 2020, the French Iliad Group bought the Play mobile network for PLN 9.6 billion. A year ago, the acquisition of UPC Polska from Liberty Global for PLN 7.013 billion was completed.. According to information from, a rebranding of UPC Polska to Play is planned. However, its history is unknown. We are developing our services under the Play and UPC brands. As a rule, we communicate business decisions through the official channels of the company – Play’s press service commented on these reports.

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