Xbox Series S does not negatively affect the new generation of games.  The creators of Evil West explain the resolution at 30 frames per second

The Flying Wild Hog team, which is currently finishing work on Evil West, added two years to the debate over the power of the Xbox Series S, a console that would slow the development of an entire generation of games.

The lead producer of Evil West stated in an interview with the German site Xbox Dynasty, that the Xbox Series S did not cause problems in preparation for production. Tomek Gop emphasized that Microsoft does not force developers to make games look identical in Series S and Series X, which does not impose restrictions on developers.

Xbox Dynasty: Is the Xbox Series S really negatively affecting the current generation of games?

Tomek Job: No, why would it have a negative impact? We are not forced by Microsoft to make Xbox Series X games with the same visuals as Series S. So no, we are not constrained as developers. “

The lead producer of Evil West also explained in an interview that the game would not receive a 60fps mode on XSS, because the developers could not guarantee the stability of the animations at that level.

We’ve tried everything, but on the Xbox Series S, we couldn’t deliver 60fps 100% of the time. Sometimes animations drop below that level and I think a fully stable 30fps is better in a situation like this. – said Tomek Job.

Here we wrote about the graphical parameters in which Evil West will run on individual platforms. The production will render XSS 1080p at 30 frames per second, just like the PS4. In an interview, the developer confirmed that the title does not offer dynamically scaled resolution.

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