The rarest platinum games of the new generation.  A bunch of people have these mugs

When achievements and trophies were presented on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, a large number of gamers found something for themselves and started kissing their games platinum. Of course, this trend continues on PlayStation 5 – let’s get acquainted with the rarest new generation of platinum.

On today’s list, I’ve prepared for you the 20 most platinum rare games for the PlayStation 5. Sony’s new console has been on the market for nearly 20 months, so it’s time to let us see which of the titles appearing on Japanese equipment are a true rarity for rare bounty hunters. Extremely. The following data was taken from PSN Profiles – the largest and most representative community of bounty hunters on PlayStation. In addition, I omitted the very specialized games, which are platinum for two or three.

Diablo 2: Resurrection – 0.32%

It turns out that the rarest game on PlayStation 5 is the remastered version of the second part of Diablo. According to the guide, to get all the achievements here, you have to complete the game 21 times, which can easily take up to a thousand hours. No wonder only 0.32% of the players are platinum here.

Fortnite 0.41%

Fortnite is almost impossible to get platinum. why? If everything goes well, without repetitions or deaths, you still have to play at least 1,500 games in Save the World – here one game lasts 20-30 minutes. On both PS4 and PS5, this feat has been accomplished by quite a few people. I’ve tried it myself, but found there’s no whip, and I wouldn’t have enough life for it.

NBA 2K22 – 0.55%

Sports game designers often promise crazy feats that only the most experienced and talented players of a given title can achieve. It’s similar to the latest NBA 2K22 – if you have the right skills, you won’t get the Platinum Cup until after 150 hours.

Deep Rock Galactic by 0.68%

Deep Rock Galactic is a challenging production in itself, although mastering it may be one of the toughest challenges of your gaming career. Not only does the whole thing take up to 300 hours, but also a large part of the trophies depend on a certain level of difficulty, and as you well know, it is not easy to find the right team that will allow us to get a certain trophy.

NHL 22 – 0.75%

Back to sports for a moment. Next to NBA 2K, one of the most demanding series is the NHL from Electronic Arts. Here, the most important trophy has only 0.75% of people, a lot depends of course on our skills in online competitions.

NBA 2K21 – 0.77%

For some reason, despite being an equally difficult game to fix, NBA 2K21 has slightly better stats than its little brother. Is it because of the longer availability in the market? Probably.

Oddworld: Soulstorm 1.26%

Oddworld was never an easy series if you wanted to do 100% of the challenges in it – saving all the Mudokons was a real feat on PSX, but this time the developers gave it all. Thus, only 1.26% of players managed to get platinum here.

Worms: Rumble – 1.27%

Worms: Rumble is the first installment of the franchise to try something new, but despite its initial popularity, a lot of jackpots are based on clinched matches online, and with a very small community of players, it’s very difficult to achieve.

Final Fantasy XIV at 1.28%

The MMORPG genre has always presented a lot of crazy challenges to players, which is true for the next two games on this list. In Final Fantasy XIV Online on PlayStation 5, only 1.28% of players managed to get the Platinum Cup – according to the guide, it takes a thousand hours and a lot of sharpening.

The Elder Scrolls Online 1.52%

The same goes for The Elder Scrolls Online, where getting the last trophy is quite a challenge for those who aren’t interested in things like hunting. 1.52% of gamers have Platinum on PS5, but only 0.17% of gamers own a PlayStation 4.

Temptation – 1.58%

Online Pokemon clones have not yet gained the expected popularity on consoles, although there are enough players here to make a pretty cool community. As it turned out, a little more than 1.5% of fans of the title decided to look for the goldfish.

Hell Let Loose 1.81%

Hell Let Loose is one of the most powerful WWII shooter games of recent years, thanks to which it has gained a lot of players who decided to give the game a chance. It soon turns out that the trophy hunters have stumbled upon some pesky ancient feats that have been made on principle here. Do X for something, kill Y for someone, and all this crap. Effect? Only 1.81% Platinum and an average of 95 hours of playing time to get one.

FIFA 21 – 1.82%

Getting a platinum achievement in FIFA has never been so easy – almost every time the most important trophy is reached by less than 2% of all players, often less than 1%. FIFA 21 fits this average and here the platinum achievement is 1.82% of people.

Destruction AllStars by 1.92%

One of the top games of its first year of life, PlayStation 5 joined PlayStation Plus with a real hit and with just as much fanfare, it almost died. Sony is now trying to get the title back, but what comes out of it, we’ll see. So far, 1.92% of players have won here, but it doesn’t take long – it’s only 25 hours of fun.

Train Sim World 2 – 1.96%

The console’s most popular railroad simulator is as demanding as it is stressful – if not for one annoying feat, the Platinum Cup would be won by more than 1.96% of players. Well, because in total, even at such an address, who wants to ride 10,000 miles.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends – 2.38%

Hunter’s Arena: Legends debuted on PlayStation 5 as part of PlayStation Plus and won players’ hearts. Unfortunately, they left the game servers just as quickly. For this reason, winning Platinum today is a very difficult challenge – not only do you have to win at least 12 matches here, but you also have to complete a number of team challenges, which is very difficult with a tight community.

Battlefield 2042 – 3.57%

Everyone already knows what the new Battlefield is. However, the bounty hunters did not give up the fun with the title of Electronic Arts and filled the console servers. According to PlayStation Network statistics, only 0.1% of players were platinum, but in PSN profiles it exceeded 3.57%.

Death by day – 3.58%

Dead by Daylight has one of the longest prize lists on PlayStation 5, which makes it an attractive bite for those looking to play a title with a decent number of base points. Currently, Platinum 3.58% is lucky to have completed a series of challenging challenges.

Devil May Cry 5 – 3.67%

The slasher usually has a very low platinum factor, mainly due to the rather high skill the player has to show when dealing with these types. As it turns out, DMC 5: Special Edition owners do a better job than PlayStation 4 owners – here nearly 1% of gamers scored platinum.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – 4%

We will end our list with the fifth installment of the Call of Duty: Black Ops series. Treyarch’s products have always served the heaviest platinum, but this time the developers have softened the topic a bit, so CoD players are more likely to reach the platinum cup – now 4% of people.

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