The Hogwarts legacy in interesting comparison.  The Switch has much worse visuals than the PS5 version

Yesterday, Nintendo posted the first trailer for Hogwarts Legacy with gameplay bits, so we can expect a definite comparison. The latest materials clearly show that the visuals of the Nintendo Switch version differ significantly from the experiences that users of PlayStation consoles can have.

The Nintendo Switch occasionally receives larger AAA games, but in recent years, many projects that were hugely popular on competing platforms have yet to make their debut on the larger consoles. Of course, the Japanese have a large catalog of IPs and their own titles made specifically for the hybrid console, which bring great results, but some production teams decide to adapt their productions to the limited capabilities of the Switch – among them are also the creators of the magical adventure from the School of Magic and Sorcery.

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Early gamers and journalists have already gotten the chance to play Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch, so early next week we can expect definitive opinions on this year’s hugely popular port.

Hogwarts Legacy won’t be the prettiest game released in 2023 for a Nintendo console, but given the platform’s capabilities, Relatively smooth and hassle-free gameplay in a large-scale magical world can be considered a miracle.

The port developers faced a really big challenge – Avalanche Software developed the game using the capabilities of the latest consoles and powerful computers. The game then had to face certain limitations to run well on PS4 and XOne, but it will eventually make its debut on a hybrid console.

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