Mayhem in the ski jumping squad.  It’s time for serious conversations.  “The path from good to bad is very fast.”

Sure, the atmosphere is created by results, but the coaching staff must also pay attention to it. However, it is difficult to create something sensible in chaos. Just based on the jumpers’ official statements, one can feel that the coaching staff is like a Czech movie: no one knows anything.

I specifically use the term coaching staff here, because what the staff does is at least confirmed by their names Thomas TurnbichlerBut it also works for other people. They are also responsible for what happens to our players. And things are going wrong.

Thomas Turnbichler: “I think we could use some training.” video/Press materials/external materials/Press materials

Ski jumping. It’s time for serious conversations, because soon we will be building everything from scratch

The topic of tired legs came up in Rocca. There are many indicators that motor training is failing, but these are them Mark Noelke is officiating. However, as I heard, the jumpers also had the opportunity to prepare individually for the season. actually It was known last season that not everyone was satisfied with the German coach’s methodsHowever, he is still the one who makes important plans for the employees.

As long as the legs are fresh, that’s all Another problem occurred. Paweł Wąsek openly said that he “doesn’t have a clear vision for the jump”, and that he tries something different every day, but there are no results. When I asked Daoud Kubacki about the same thing, he immediately replied: And you have your answer.

Our excellent jumper, who has had many successes, already indicated in Roca that he was receiving a lot of information from the coach, and It just confuses his mind. There seems to be a mess in the frame. The crew doesn’t stick to one cohesive vision for the jump, they try too many things, and this only serves to annoy the players. I have the impression that we are witnessing a slow rebellion on the part of players, and this does not bode well.

When Thomas Thornbichler was asked in Klingenthal what jumpers talk about, he just smiled and said:

I tried to convey my comments in the simplest way possible. If there are mistakes in the jump, I am supposed to help the competitors eliminate them. This is my job. This is what we will focus on

I only hope that this sudden collapse of Polish jumpers, which surprised the entire world associated with this discipline, will soon be just a memory. All you need is to listen to the voice of the jumpers, because they know best what is wrong with them. If serious talks are not held, we will soon be building everything from scratch.

“It has long been known that the road from bad to good is very long and bumpy, and from good to bad is very fast,” – this is what Kubacki said philosophically to Klingenthal.

Thomas Turnbichler/ Photo Olympic / Nour Photo / Nour Photo via AFP – Photo Olympic / Nour Photo) (Photo by Photo Olympic / Nour Photo / Nour Photo via AFP)/France Press agency

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