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Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG - 4 free games on April 15, 2022

Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG – 4 free games on April 15, 2022

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April 15 2022, 18:55

We give you free games that you can claim right now. Among them you will find XCOM 2, Iris and the Giant.

Especially for you, we have reviewed the offers in digital distribution stores and prepared a list of productions that you can permanently customize to your accounts this weekend for free.

In addition, this week we will also bring you free indie titles from itch.io and free games to play.

warning: Some of the promotions below are time-limited, so some shows may be out of date (depending on when you watched them).

Epic Games Store

XCOM 2 – Free to pick up

XCOM 2 It is a turn-based strategy and our mission is to lead an organization that fights to expel aliens from Earth. During the game, we fight tactical clashes, in which we have to give orders to our team, plan further actions on the world map and choose places to attack. In addition, we should also pay attention to the development of the resistance network, the broadening of the base and the discovery of new technologies. Address can be captured Until April 21 Until 17:00 Polish time.

XCOM 2 on the Epic Games Store

Unbeatable – Free to pick up

insurmountable It is an exploration game with elements of survival. During the adventure, we play the role of a climber who gradually conquers more and more difficult peaks. Before the trip, he has to inspect the mountain and choose the optimal route. Address can be captured Until April 21 Until 17:00 Polish time.

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Unbeatable on the Epic Games Store


Eris and the Giant – Free to pick up

Eris and the giant It is a mixture of blackjack and roguelike. While playing, we delve into the consciousness of a girl who is tormented by unknown fears, and our task is to confront them. To this end, we encounter them in the form of turn-by-turn clashes with the use of a deck of playing cards. Production can be obtained for free until April 17th.

Iris and the Giant at GOG.com


HomeWind – Free Game

homewind It is a combination of a puzzle game with a city builder. Our task is to design a settlement in such a way as to accumulate the appropriate number of boom points. Each building generates different values ​​depending on its location. Therefore, everything requires proper planning.

HomeWind on Steam


At this point, I would like to draw your attention to some small independent productions that you can find for free on itch.io. All of the above titles were created as part of the Mini Jam 103: Darkness campaign.

  1. numbness – Retro shooter where we explore the psychology of an unknown hero. We read about his memories and fight the inner demons.
  2. get lit An extraordinary production in which we have to return the sulfur to the chest through plates in complete darkness. We can light our way, but only for a limited time. The whole thing is a balance between observing tracks in the light and moving in the dark.
  3. But what did you do – A short adventure game in which we try to reach a room with a trapped friend inside.
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Long lasting free games

  1. Shadow Raid Legends – In the game we play the role of a warrior who is restoring order in the wonderful world of Teleria, who was enslaved by the Dark Lord Siroth. Everything depends on the turn-based battles.
  2. Rail Nation – Browser strategy in which we play the role of admin of the railway network. Our mission is to create new roads and take care of the condition of rolling stock.

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