The Earth will be at its zenith. It’s the only day like this in the year.

Tomorrow the Earth will reach apogee, which means it will be The farthest point in its orbit from the sun. This event is one of the most important moments in our planet’s annual orbital cycle.

The Earth moves around the Sun in an elliptical shape. The complete rotational cycle, which lasts 365.25 days, causes Earth reaches its closest approach on January 4th. During perihelion. At this time, the Earth is closest to the Sun.

At aphelion, the Earth is 152 million kilometers from the Sun.which is about 5 million kilometers away from perihelion.

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On this day the sun will appear The smallest disc of the entire year. This is due to the principle of perspective, which is that the further away an object is from the observer, the smaller it appears.

Apogee occurs in the orbits of planets, asteroids, and comets. It is the point at which a celestial body is in its orbit around the Sun. The body is farthest from the sun. Despite the increasing distance from the Sun, the aphelion It has no direct effect on seasonal temperatures. On the ground.

The Earth usually reaches its apogee. At the beginning of July every year, When the distance between it and the Sun is about 152.1 million kilometers. For comets, the difference between aphelion and perihelion can be much greater, leading to dramatic changes in their activity and appearance as they approach the Sun.

In 2024 Earth Apogee will arrive on Friday, July 5 at 7:06 a.m. Then the Earth will be in its orbit at the farthest point from the Sun.

Despite this distance, the amount of solar energy reaching our planet is enough to maintain warm conditions in the Northern Hemisphere. This is mainly due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, which causes more sunlight during this period.

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