Sony has reportedly set up a new studio.  Its core will consist of members of the band that was liquidated just two months ago

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Sony may have created a new studio staffed by laid-off employees from Deviation Games, which closed in March.

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment.


At the beginning of March of this year, Sony ended cooperation with the Deviation Games studio, which ultimately led to its liquidation and the loss of many developers’ jobs. But interestingly, according to the latest reports, a new company has since been set up on behalf of this Japanese company, staffed by former employees of the liquidated company.

This was suggested on LinkedIn by former Deviation Games developer Michael Anthony. in fasting He wrote that Several former employees of this company founded a new studio, which became part of Sony and is currently focused on developing an unannounced title.

I’ve heard that several former Deviation Games employees have set up their own studio at Sony and are working on an undisclosed production. Everyone working there are top notch developers and I hope they create a top notch game […] – Michael Anthony wrote.

Interestingly, Jason Blundell may play an important role in this new studio – Participate in the creation of games in the series Call of duty And a co-founder of Deviation Games who left the company in September 2022. This is probably the person referred to by the initials in the last sentence of Anthony’s post: “Come on, JB, do what you do best.”

Let us remind you that it appeared online in December 2023 Entries About the important role Blundell played at Sony, despite his departure from Deviation Games. So it can be suspected that this new studio started taking shape a few months ago, and was then joined by people who were dismissed from the company that closed in March.

Continuing on the topic, it is worth remembering Microsoft’s recent decisions. The giant from Redmond decided to liquidate, among others: Arkane Austin (creators of Redfall, among others) and Tango Gameworks (including Hi-Fi Rush), for which it received a lot of criticism from players.

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