Electronics from Biedronka for PLN 149. I checked what it can do

We decided to check if we could buy a gaming console worth the money from popular discount stores. So we ordered a pillow from Biedronka – Cobra model QSP414, which costs PLN 149. Is it worth investing in?

The PlayStation 4 console may still be of interest to many people in Poland. The platform is still very popular, and its games cost small amounts of money on the secondary market today. For people who want to follow a number of great games, this is a good opportunity to invest in this console. However, we are often looking for an alternative to expensive official consoles. Biedronka comes to the rescue by selling the Cobra QSP414 console in the “Biedronka Home” store.

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As we can read on the Internet, the owner of Cobra is a technology portal in Poland. It was founded in Poland and built exclusively with Polish capital. The founders pride themselves on working in line with Polish technological thought – whatever that means. They operate the Cobra and QSmart brands and have invited selected Chinese factories to cooperate. The company specializes in gaming accessories of all kinds. In addition to consoles, they also offer keyboards, mice, headsets, chairs, and even desks and steering wheels.

Cobra QSP414 Ladybug Pillow – What does it look like and how is it made?

We ordered the pillow in the unique Camo Ocean color, which is a bit of a military color. The bottom is white and made of poor quality plastic. It gets dirty very quickly and scratches very quickly. I just placed the controller on a clean, slippery desktop surface. This doesn't bode well for the future, but the device itself feels solid in your hands. The analog pads are smaller than the original PS4 pad, they work well, snap back into place quickly and are easy to press.

At the bottom we see a mini-jack connector, and at the top there is a microUSB port. The triggers are analogue and very small, but thankfully rounded – surprisingly comfortable. The actuators move a little in the housing, but should not fall out even after several months of use. The touchpad is a huge disappointment for me. I thought we'd get a touchpad for this amount, but unfortunately it's just a dummy. There are simply two buttons here. In addition, this panel is installed in such a way that it oscillates and is difficult to press. The game doesn't always notice that we pressed it. You have to touch this plastic in the right place, and this can lead to frustration.

In addition, the controller has a built-in speaker, but no microphone (this is reported by the manufacturer on the box). The original DualShock 4 doesn't have this either, but if this extension were available, no one would complain. The board connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or via the included USB cable. The function buttons are backlit and look really attractive. There's also a glowing panel on the front that shines with a powerful light and also shines through the back cover. So you can see it is not high quality plastic.

Ladybug Pillow – Cobra QSP414 – used in practice


It's time to connect the device to the console. When it comes to PlayStation 4, things are pretty simple here. We just need to pair the controller using a USB cable and then we can disconnect it. The board then connects to the console via Bluetooth. Vibrations work (but they are basic, and are generated by two motors), button illumination and analogue triggers. In general, the console in terms of functionality does not differ from the official one intended for PlayStation 4. Of course, except for the lack of a touchpad and gyroscope. The pillow has no motor functions. Works with PlayStation 5, but only via cable.

The real stairs start when we connect the console to the computer. Not only do we have to use a cable, but the Bluetooth connection doesn't work here. What's worse is that the vibration and backlight don't work either. There is a software update function, but it did not help. There's no dedicated app and no option to configure the function buttons in any way. This is where things started to go wrong for me, because despite the presence of the Bluetooth protocol, there is no opportunity to connect this board to any other platform. No job offers this. Connecting it, for example, to a Nintendo Switch via a USB cable does not help – the controller is not detected.

And at this point I wonder if it is worth recommending this controller to anyone at the price of PLN 149. There are more interesting alternatives on the market. The upside is the fit and shape of the pillow itself – for me, very comfortable. The backlighting of the function buttons is also impressive, although it's just an aesthetic device. The console coating is very slippery. If we use it with wet hands, there is a high possibility that it will fall off. Especially when we are moved by the annoyance that something went wrong in the game again.

The biggest issue for me is the absolutely terrible d-pad. They are very small, uncomfortable and difficult to squeeze. It is not at all suitable for fighting games and I would not recommend it to anyone under any circumstances. The complete opposite of triggers and their analogues. Similar to the hidden buttons in a fake touchpad. Also, pressing it will only work at a specific point. They often do not want to respond to our actions. However, the “Share” and “Options” keys work very well. They press instantly, very lightly, and are certainly more comfortable than those on the official controller.

Pillow from Biedronka – summary of the Cobra QSP414 model test


I'm disappointed because I was expecting more functionality from this controller. The first impression is very good, except for the clear plastic on the bottom. The analogues are good, the triggers are good, and overall everything sounds good. It fits solidly and comfortably in your hands. But only until we feel strong vibrations and try to use the directional pad and touchpad, which… ultimately don't exist. Just like gyros. Unfortunately, we can only connect it to the computer via a USB cable, and the Bluetooth protocol will only be used for the PlayStation 4. The board will not connect to the Switch, phone, or any other device. This is a truly surprising limit to its capabilities. Fortunately, the built-in 600mAh cell allows for more than 16 hours of gameplay.

It is convenient, so I can recommend it, But only if you buy it for less than PLN 80. Otherwise it makes no sense, it is better to look at competition monitors. However, I have to admit that the Cobra QSP414 is still much better than the older QSP400, which completely compromised the build quality and function. The pillow tested today is at least nice and comfortable.

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