This movie was supposed to be a huge hit on Netflix!  Will the second part meet viewers' expectations?

In light of the upcoming premiere of “Rebel Moon – Part 2: Inflicting Wounds,” a continuation of the Netflix saga, emotions are running high. Discover the further fate of Korra and her allies in the defense of the Veldt, the bastion of freedom. Will this epic sci-fi story be better than the first part?

Just before Christmas, Netflix greeted us with the premiere of “Rebel Moon,” a film that was supposed to challenge the legendary “Star Wars” franchise. Now, after months of anticipation and speculation, we are getting closer to the premiere of the second part of this space story.

The first part, despite the mixed reception – the average rating was 5.1 in Poland and a slightly better 5.6 worldwide – did not discourage the creators. Will “Rebel Moon: Inflicting Wounds” raise the bar and make history?

“Rebel Moon: Dealing with Wounds” is less than two weeks away!

In the last part”Rebel Moon – Part Two: Dealing with Wounds“, we follow the further fate of Korra, a brave warrior and her comrades-in-arms who lead the resistance against the tyrannical empire.

It's all about defending the veldt – once an idyllic village, now a bastion of freedom. The heroes, preparing for the decisive battle, must face many adversities.

to Zack Snyder once again directed the camera, co-writing the script with Shay Hatten. The second part was described as an adventure and science fiction film.

Opinions are divided on the first part, but there is no shortage of praise. Despite the mixed emotions, a group of viewers found in “Rebel Moon” something more than just another sci-fi movie.

Sofia Boutella and Rebel Moon

I personally loved “Rebel Moon”. It's not a title I would gladly return to, it was watchable without feeling tired.

The decision to divide the epic into The two parts allowed the creators to develop the plot and provide a more complex presentation of the universe itself. Although some may regret not producing “Rebel Moon” as a series, the film format gives this story a special feel.

Expectations for “Causing woundsHigh, which is confirmed by an impressive number 8.2 million views of the latest ad on Netflix's YouTube channel. The premiere is fast approaching, but viewers can't wait for the premiere right after the announcement.

Will the second part exceed expectations and leave a lasting mark on the hearts of viewers? We'll find out on April 19What secrets does the Rebel Moon Galaxy hide?


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