The Health Inspection Directorate warns.  Popular chips pulled from stores

The head of the health inspectorate warns against the popular cheese chips. Dealz Poland has withdrawn its Doritos brand product from the market. The reason is incorrect labeling of one of the ingredients, which may cause an allergic reaction.

– Chief health inspector Reported by Dealz Poland Sp. z oo regarding the voluntary withdrawal of a range of products Doritos cheese chips – 5 x 30g Due to incorrect labeling of soybeans, which may pose a risk to people allergic to this ingredient – as stated on the GIS website.

As we learned from the announcement on Friday, although the product label indicates the possible presence of soy, it is not declared in the ingredients list.

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Consumption of the product by people who are allergic to soy It may cause an allergic reaction in them,” warns GIS.

Recovered chips are marked with the barcode 5000328452227.

GIS warns. Store-pulled chips

Dealz Polish Sp. commented. Also on this matter. z oo As emphasized, immediately after receiving information from the manufacturer about incorrect labeling, work began Withdrawal of products from stores.

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. The safety and trust of our customers and the quality of our products are a core value in our network,” we read in the company's announcement.

The manufacturer of the crisps is Walkers and the supplier is Poundland.

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