It’s a matter of years.  At the moment, we cannot count on lower prices in stores

An analysis of more than 67.6 thousand retail prices from more than 37,000 stores showed that daily shopping in April increased by an average of 20.4 percent. – Results of the study conducted by UCE Research and WSB Merito University, which publishes the journal.

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When can we expect a drop in prices in stores?

“All 17 categories analyzed rose again — pet food, vegetables and household chemicals rose the most, while food products rose the slowest, as the only category with a single-digit change,” the paper notes.

Former member of the Monetary Policy Council Reported by the daily, Marian Noga predicts that the dynamics of price rise in stores will be slower. The NBP inflation report from March 2023 shows that by March 2025 the rate of wage growth will exceed the rate of expected price increases and inflation.. In that case, consumers should be prepared for a long-term price increase — slow, but lasting up to five years, the paper notes.

It can be seen that the dynamics of price growth is declining, but very slowly. In our view, average in-store price increases — looking at the entire category — will continue to double-digit year-over-year for a few months, maybe even dozens of months to come, with minor exceptions.

According to UCE Research experts, we will also notice significant jumps in the prices of individual commodities from time to time.

As Rz notes, though, the situation seems to be calming down, “This Onions are more expensive year-over-year by up to 120 percent and carrots by about 80 percent.On the other hand, for toilet paper – he adds – you have to pay more than 60 percent more than last year. According to Professor Noga, “Vegetable prices have peaked.” – In May, the increase in vegetable prices will depend primarily on energy tariffs, – he adds.

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